5 Tips to Build Content That Drives Action

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By Greg Fox
Owner, Marketing Specialist

In this article, as an attorney, you’ll learn how to generate leads with blog posts and legal content you write for prospective clients.

Struggling to get people to take action after visiting your webpage or blog? 

Not sure why your conversions are so low?

If you answered the way I think you did, you’re not alone.  Here’re 5 ideas for producing better performing content.

1. Make Your Content Specific to Your Visitors

The answer to converting visitors to customers is to make content that supports the mindset of your visitors. For example, if your business is a health and fitness club, an article containing workout suggestions is going to get more views than one on why a person should exercise. A person who visits your health and fitness site is already in the mindset to exercise. You need to reach people who are searching for tips to improve their exercise regimen.

2. Start with a Powerful Headline

Joe Sugarman, a pro copywriter with a ton of credits, gives the purpose of your headline: “To get the reader to read the second line.” And the purpose of the second line? To get them to the third. And so on. Urban Daddy, an email-based magazine on eateries, must be a Sugarman disciple. Here’s their headline:
“Six days. That’s how long you have until 65% of your body is turkey.”
If that doesn’t drive you to the next line, nothing will.

3. Good content is born out of understanding.

Are you listening to your target market? What do they want? What do they care about?
Here’s an example from Gymit, a no-frills gym made for people who only care about working out with none of the baggage of a luxury gym.
“Cancel Anytime Without Pretending You’ve Moved.”
Humble yourself, truly serve your audience, listen to their needs and desires, the language they use. Your copy will resonate.

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4. Make it easy to read.

Open with an introductory sentence that explains what the content is about and what the reader can expect. Use short sentences and paragraphs. Break it up with subheads. Use bullet points. Images, especially video, will attract more readers. And above all, no jargon. Groundbreaking. Revolutionary. Business Solutions. Targetable. Evidence-based. Have I lost you yet? No exaggeration or overstatement, please. Be direct.

5. Use Lead Magnets to Get Opt-ins.

What’s a lead magnet? It’s content that is created specifically for your blog post or email. For example, if you were writing a blog post on baking bread, you could include a checklist of all the kitchen items necessary to make your bread-making successful. Here’s a list of some of the best performing lead magnets:

  • PDF versions of your content (particularly for high-value, long pieces
    of content, such as how-to guides)
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Cheat sheets
  • Reports
  • Worksheets
  • Case studies
  • Formulas
  • Courses
  • Infographics

Include in your content, “If you like this post, explore the topic further by downloading our free (report, checklist, worksheet, etc.). And make your landing page uncomplicated. Only ask for first name and email address to receive the download. Your purpose is to pack your funnel with interested, focused prospects. The opportunity to close the sale will come later.

There’s no guaranteed, fail-safe method to nurture more leads with content marketing. But these suggestions are starting points and, if you adopt them, you’ll see better results.

To learn more about how you can efficiently reach the right prospects and generate  the most leads for your law practice, contact us.