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8 Tips to Direct Mail Success


By Shawn Pittman
Marketing Specialist

With digital marketing taking the majority of our focus, sometimes we forget that direct mail is very much alive and producing results. Direct mail postcards attract new members because it stands out from the crowd of online communication that comes our way daily.  A well developed direct marketing campaign can and will stand out against the constant push of digital marketing. 


We’ve listed eight tips to keep in mind when you’re deciding if direct mail is right for your brand and how using these steps will provide results with an effective, lead generating campaign.

1: Choose the Right List

The most important component of any mail campaign is the list. You should mail postcards to your customer list to keep them engaged as well as find new business by reaching those prospects who could become customers. 


2: Develop a “Look-A-Like” Prospect List

Audience demographics software examines your current customer base and locates people in your area who have similar characteristics. You will receive more leads and a much higher ROI (return on investment). We can do this for you!


3: Focus on Your Target Audience
Design your message for your audience. It’s better to make a strong impression to a few, than a weak impression too many. Craft a message that motivates your audience and avoids unnecessary, weak industry jargon. If the customer doesn’t understand the message, you’ve lost.


4: Sell Your Benefits

People buy from you when they understand how it will benefit them. Your message must present a problem and provide a solution. 


5: Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Your images and message must instantly and simply communicate why someone should do business with you. Don’t confuse them— explain your value and you will gather leads.


6: Use Color

Use bold colors and big headlines on both sides of your mail piece. Keep the same color combinations for the headlines and benefits and a different color for the call-to-action. A colorful direct mail piece gets noticed.

7: Tell Them What to Do

Craft a call-to-action. “Act Now,” “Call Today,” “Don’t Wait, Come in Today!” are examples of different ways to respond to your offer. If you can’t determine the call-to-action within three seconds, you need to revisit your copy. 


Remember to display your phone number, website, email address and text number. The point of all this is to make it easy for the customer to engage with your product or service. 


8: Track Your Mail and Compute Your ROI 

Use a unique phone number to track calls. Add an intelligent barcode to stay informed of deliveries. Use a special response code that is tied to your CTA.

hen used properly, direct mail marketing can be effective and can place your message in front of prospective members. Use relevant and appealing messaging to influence their decision. Creating an effective direct mail campaign can seem overwhelming, but with the use of these eight tips, you will be on your way to reaching new members in no time!

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