Judge Lucci Case Study

Judge Eugene Lucci

The Situation Eugene Lucci faced Incumbent Thomas R. Wright in the general election for the Ohio Eleventh District Court of Appeals. He needed a way to get in front of voters directly. Lucci’s action committee came to Fox Marketing Solutions for help. The Solution Lucci needed an experienced political marketing agency with digital and video… Continue reading Judge Lucci Case Study

5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Customers

Incentive and welfare program for employee retention, building staffs loyalty reduce resignation rate for important talent, boss holding magnet to pull back resigned or leaving employee.

5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Customers • Value of your product does not justify the expense – the return on investment is no longer there for the customer. • Customer is frustrated with user experience – dissatisfaction with a product being outdated, difficult to use or access, or the product no longer meets the needs… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Customers