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Consumers are drowning in digital advertising and email spam. What can you do to rise above the noise to engage your audience for leads and revenue?

The answer is direct mail.
Consider the facts:

  • Direct mail response rates are700% higher than the response rates of email, paid search and social media.(DMN)                                                                               
  • Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, while only 20-30% of email gets opened. (DMN)
  • Postcards make it easy to see your offer. 
  • The average household receives two pieces of direct mail a day compared to 157 emails. (USPS)
  • 70% of consumers prefer mail when it comes to unsolicited offers. (DMA)
  • 82% of millennials view messages printed on paper as more trustworthy. (USPS) 

You need the best value for your marketing dollar. But if you’re like most, you’re too busy running your business to spend time on marketing. Come to Fox. We have the skills, knowledge and ability to deliver leads that will turn into sales for you.

Steps to Direct Mail Success

Choose the Right List

The most important component of any mail campaign is the list.  You should mail to your customer list to keep them engaged.  Find new business by reaching those prospects who could become customers. We are list experts that can deliver for you.

Develop a “Look-Alike” Prospect List

Audience demographics software examines your current customer base and locates people in your area who have similar characteristics.  You get more hot leads and a much higher ROI.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

We design your message for your audience.  Our copy writers and graphic designers will craft a message that motivates your audience and avoids unnecessary, weak industry jargon.  If the customer doesn’t understand, you’ve lost.

Sell Your Benefits

People buy from you when they understand how it will benefit them.  Your message must present a problem and provide a solution.  We are masters at showcasing your benefits. 

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Your images and message must instantly and simply communicate why someone should do business with you.  Don’t confuse them.  Explain your value and you’ll gather leads.

Use Full Color

Use bold colors and big headlines on both sides of your mail piece.  Keep the same color combinations for the headlines and benefits and a different color for the call -to-action.  A colorful mailer gets noticed.

Tell ‘em What to Do

Craft a call-to-action.  “Act now”, “Call Today”, “Don’t Wait, Come in Today!” are examples are different ways to respond to your offer.  Your phone number, website, email address and text number must be clearly displayed.  Remember that the point of all this is to make sales.

Track your Mail and Compute your ROI

Use a unique phone number to track calls.  Put an intelligent barcode on your mail so you can be notified when it’s delivered.  Use a special response code tied to your CTA.  To compute the return on your investment use our ROI computer.

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Direct Mail Delivers High Return on Investment

Postcards are expensive, right?  Not really.  You have to consider your ROI.  A 2,500 piece postcard mailing that costs $1,225 and returns only 1.5% (our targeted mail gets much higher returns) means you’ll get 37 leads from the mailing.  If you sell half, that’s 18 new customers.  What’s the lifetime value of your average customer?  Take that number, multiply it by 18, and that’s your ROI.  Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

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