Engage and Enroll More Students with Digital Marketing

Stay top of mind with prospective students and parents by promoting your school on their mobile devices, tablets and computers using digital ads, ringless voicemail, email and texting.

Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing is direct-to-mobile location-based advertising. You can serve ads to parents and students based on their physical activities and places they go.

We can target zip codes or radius, individual buildings and event locations. We place a digital geofence directly around the targeted location and begin serving ads to the mobile devices of people inside the geofence.

We have access to over 600,000 web sites and mobile apps.

Digital Advertising

Generate interest by showing hundreds of thousands of ads to students and parents while they use their favorite apps, visit internet sites and watch videos.

Digital ads appear across the Google ad network, Facebook, Instagram, mobile games, videos, streaming services, websites and much more.

Target locations, buildings, events, age groups and other demographics. 

Ringless Voicemail

What could be more personal than you speaking directly to your prospective parents and students?

Whether it’s tuition promotions, special dates, recruiting events and more, ringless voicemail is quick, effective and intimate. 95% of individuals listen to voice mail.

If you need a list of contacts and phone numbers, or need numbers appended to a list, we can help!


Drive engagement with personalized emails. You supply the text, we design, schedule and maintain your email campaign. It’s easy and effective! 

Track who opens, clicks and converts. Send follow-up emails to students and parents interested in your institution. 

Supply your own contact list or we can locate prospects within your district. 


Texting prospects generates immediate interest. Texts are fast, easy to send and can be quickly altered to fit your needs.

Texting is an excellent means of communicating with younger people.

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes.

Texting is your direct link to your customers/prospects.

Starting at $550. Contact us for a custom quote.

Fox Education Digital Marketing

When you start a coordinated outreach using geofencing, digital ads, ringless voicemail, email broadcasts and text messaging, your recruiting campaign experiences an immediate lift.

You engage recipients on a deep, personal level. Across the mobile marketing industry, marketing professionals see response rates as high as 11%. To put that into perspective, a school who sends a text invitation to an open house to his 1,000 mobile members could see 100+ parents/students attend the event.

Student using cell phone image

Ready to see what digital marketing can do for you?

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