Drive Event Visitors to Your Booth and Website

Micro-target people with geofencing,
the latest innovation in event marketing.

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Serve Ads to Every Attendee

Savvy marketers deliver digital ads to attendees during the event. This is a great way to target a concentrated crowd of like-minded consumers.

We construct a digital fence (geofence) around your event location and display your messages to all prospects in attendance. Your digital ads appear on their smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, apps and desktops 3 to 5 times each day.  

Turn Event Marketing into Gold

Geofence the event venue including parking lots and seating areas. The nearby hotels that are packed with your potential customers. Nearby restaurants and bars. 

Your message is delivered to  attendees and for 30 days after they’ve gone home.

Attendees who visit your website will be shown your ads when they visit other websites, apps and games.

Geofencing is your secret weapon to turn your event into gold. 

Event geofencing is perfect for...

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4 Ad Sizes for Every Device

You get 4 digital ads designed, placed and maintained to your specs. At the close of the show, we redesign all ads to present new information to run for 30 days after the show ends. 

4 ad sizes to run on mobile apps, mobile websites, tablets and desktops.

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