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Combine Mail and Digital for Results!

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Would You Like High Returns and Full Coverage Both in Mail and Social Media?

Fox Mail Plus combines your direct mail message with Internet digital ads.   The same message on your postcard is shown on Google, Facebook and Instagram to reach hundreds of thousands more prospects and drive more revenue for you.
Your Personalized Dashboard —  You’ll get a digital site formulated just for your mailing that will show you all the details of your campaign. 

  • Mail Tracking — See when your mail reaches your prospects, tracked right to individual addresses.
  • Call Tracking — See a display of every call that comes to you from the mail. You can listen to each call to check results.  We’ll even show you the name and address of every caller, along with their gender and age!
  • Google Ads – We keep your message in front of potential customers who didn’t purchase the first time they visit your website. We follow them around the Internet showing your ads and reminding them of your offer. 
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads – Your ads will be shown across the Facebook and Instagram sites. This digital service begins even before your mail is delivered and continues for two months afterwards!  Your ads will display thousands of times on these popular social media sites driving new business to you.

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