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Pharmaceutical Company Campaign

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Pharmaceutical Campaign Details

Pharmaceutical company wanted to reach both physicians and consumers. To reach doctors, they ran 2 cover stories on Fox’s national Inspire Health Magazine and distributed the books at medical conferences in addition to them being published in numerous newspapers across the country. 

To reach consumers, we identified 25,000 contacts in several states. Then we placed ads on social media pages, and the social media pages of other individuals in the area, created and direct mailed bi-fold postcards, placed ads in Informed De­livery emails, launched landing page, created and launched 4 online/SM ads, followed website visi­tors around the web and social media with display ads, tracked phone calls and SMS opt-ins, created all in one dashboard for real-time viewing of interactions and impressions, mailed follow-up postcards to leads.

60 Day Campaign Results

125 leads

Total Investment 

537 leads

Closing just 20% of these leads will generate $67,000 in annual revenue.

This doesn’t include all of the physicians who contacted them because of their Inspire Health magazine articles. 

Digital Results

Total Ad Displays

Clicks + Calls