Automated Messaging

Save Time, Reach the Right Audience

What could be more personal than you speaking directly to your prospects?

Need to broadcast your position on important issues? Tell prospects about a new service or prospect? Educate your prospects/customers?

Ringless Voice Mail is a quick and accurate solution.

Robocalls are a waste of time and money. Most people do not pick up these annoying calls from unknown numbers.

Ringless Voice Mail is non-invasive and totally legal. 95% of individuals listen to voice mail.

In short, there is no communication method more effective than RVM.

If you need a list of contacts and phone numbers, or need number appended to a list, we can help!

Ringless Voice Mail

ring less voice mail image

Text Message Marketing

text message marketing

Text Message Marketing

text message marketing

Promote Quickly and Affordably

Texting prospects and customers generates immediate interest. Texts are fast, easy to send and can be quickly altered to fit your needs.

Texting is an excellent means of communicating with younger people.

97% of smartphone users say they text regularly and 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes.

Texting is your direct link to your customers/prospects.

RVM and Texting combined delivers your personalized messages in a non-intrusive manner on a familiar device to your audience.

Fox Automated Messaging.
Economical, no-waste communication.

When you start a coordinated outreach using Ringless Voice Mail and Texting, your marketing campaign experiences an immediate lift.

You engage recipients on a deep, personal level. Across the mobile marketing industry, marketing professionals see response rates as high as 11%. To put that into perspective, a retailer who sends a text blast to his 1,000 mobile members could sell 100+ customers that week.

Top Industries Benefiting from Phone Marketing

Political Candidates
Real Estate
Community Colleges
Private Schools

Fitness Centers
Health Professionals

Finance Professionals

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