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Use the same technology employed by top political marketing campaigns to win your election! Fox is the top political marketing campaign agency with full service political printing in-house. Using the best political advertising technology, you can reach voters in their homes, where they work and shop with geofenced banner and TV ads, IP targeted TV commercials, IP targeted digital ads, OTT and CTV marketing and political postcards, doorhangers, push cards and letters using Fox’s advanced marketing platforms. The best part, it’s affordable! 

At Fox Marketing, we welcome down-ballot candidate advertising campaigns with smaller budgets. We only work with one candidate per office per location. Find out if we’re accepting new candidates in your city. 

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IP Marketing

IP Targeting is the best way to promote your political message to your voters. Political IP advertising serves your banner ads and TV commercials to the homes of your voters. Your political ads serve to all connected devices within the home, including mobile phones, computers, tablets and TVs.

How do Political IP ADs work?

If you have a list of voters, we’ll match their physical addresses to their IP addresses using a patented process that spans multiple online and offline identifiers in real-time. We can also target voters and political donors within your district without the use of a list. So no list, no problem!

Discover the Power of OTT and CTV

Cable/Linear TV advertising remains a platform trusted by leading marketing agencies but Over The Top (OTT) advertising is proving to be a better spend of your political ad money. 

Over the Top (OTT) advertising serves video commercials across ad-supported streaming platforms on any viewable device. This includes mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, televisions (CTV) and any other screen that videos. (Yes, even those fancy refrigerators with the touch screens.)

Abbreviated List of Streaming Platforms

OTT and CTV political advertising allows you to reach voters and donors in their homes, on their computers and mobile phones. OTT and CTV is great for targeting select demographics. Fox Marketing is your political advertising agency with the capability of serving your local and national TV ads across hundreds of the most popular OTT and CTV streaming platforms. 

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