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We know how important your customers are. From finding them to replacing them. We are the experts you need. With our proven process you will have customers lining up like never before. 

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Our Solutions

Predictive Prospect Modeling

Get a 360° view of your target audience

By finding new prospects with behaviors like your target audience, we can improve your campaign’s overall reach, raise brand recognition and have a greater chance to convert new customers in the future.

Digital Advertising

PPC, Display, Retargeting

Our experts know what tactics to generate your business the most leads, promote your brand to more prospects for the lowest price using the power of Google.

Print Advertising

A tangible way to engage with your brand

Custom magazines, professional design services, direct mail, flyers, promo items, posters, if you can dream it, we can do it! Connect on an emotional level with readers, offer a chance to linger over your product and its message in a way that other channels don’t. 

Native Ads

Content viewers favor

We benefit brands that need to infuse more authenticity into their media. Through better targeting and personalization technology, native advertising brings brands and people together in a more authentic manner.

Direct Mail

An intimate, person-to-person conversation

Direct mail allows you to reach more of your target market. We design a direct mail campaign to target specific customers who will receive mail that is most relevant and personalized to them, which translates to sales, traceable by a QR code or personalized phone number.

Geofenced ads

Reach consumers in the best possible moment

We Target the people who are most likely to buy from you by  finding prospects based on demographics like age, gender, income, location, interests, and more! We’ll bring you new clients and increase opportunities for customer loyalty by targeting individuals who have visited your business in the past. We can offer special promotions, loyalty coupons, and more. Target the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Email Marketing

Build credibility by staying in contact

Drive consumers to your website and business with personalized emails and landing pages. We write, design, schedule and maintain your email campaign. By creating a message that speaks directly to your audience in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them, you’ll make a real impact on your customer experience.

Connected TV

Precise audience targeting

We tailor your campaign to each segment of your audience to give you a much higher return than you might see with traditional television advertising.

With completion rates of 95%, CTV and OTT ads can be a powerful tool in your advertising strategy. Fox experts harness the accuracy to scale your campaign seamlessly by reaching your audience segment groups based on their real-world visitation history and demographics.

Our promise to you:

real data

We use the data generated by your marketing campaign to retarget the highest-performing prospect groups. You’ll learn which brands your prospects like the most, where they spend their money, which of your competitors they visit, and more.

real results

You get real, trackable results with Fox Marketing Solutions. You’ll know how many people visited your location, called, clicked, viewed your ads, scanned your QR code, texted and converted into a lead.

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We serve hundreds of businesses with direct mail and digital advertising.

Health and Fitness

Fitness centers, health store, franchises and more

Our experts know the best methods to get you more members. Whether you are an independent club or a national brand, we can help you grow.

Pair of dumbbells isolated on white background. Fitness, bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle concept.


2 year colleges, 4 year colleges, schools

Our process is proven to recruit more students. We know the strategies to convert more prospects to your educational institute. 

Black graduate cap with scientific degree scroll isolated on white background.


Doctors, physical therapist and more

Our experts know the tactics that will get more patients into your practice. We can help you grow your business.

Our proven process



Get a free 360° assessment 

Our strategist will work with you to identify your goals and create a clear path to success.

  • 20 point evaluation 
  • Goals, customer profiles, existing marketing and sales efforts, competition
  • Uncover growth opportunities 


Concept the best approach

Our team will bring your brand to life from the initial idea down to the final delivery. 

  • Create custom plan
  • Top industry creative talent and experts 
  • Materials that stand out and generate response 


Execute your campaign 

We ensure your campaign not only captivates your customer but endures. 

  • Driven by best practices and proven methods
  • Set-up and launch marketing activities 
  • Start getting more customers 


Gear up for success

We analyze your campaign, optimizing its performance to ensure a seamless experience for your customers. 

  • Robust data analytics 
  • Call and KPI tracking 
  • Advanced dashboard and reporting tools 
  • Optimize results

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