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Performance Marketing Agency

As a top digital marketing and direct mail agency, we work closely with you to discover who to target with your ads, which platforms to reach your ideal audience and how to embrace and include this audience (rather than just targeting them) for the best results. As a full service, friendly advertising agency, your success is our success!

Do you know who your audience is, what they want, and how they behave?

What if your advertising embraces customers rather than interrupts them?

It's time to share your purpose to fit their identity.

If you need a marketing agency who can solve problems, think strategically, create and deliver ideas across all channels fill out this form and a success team member will reach out!

Reach Your Best Prospects

Digital Marketing

Serving banner and video ads using the top ad platforms; from Google and Facebook to Geofencing and IP Targeting.


From commercials to postcards, our expert designers are waiting to create your interactive and effective ad campaign!


The best targeting TV advertising agency in town! Our media team creates and serves your videos to the right audience as they watch their favorite streaming platforms.


A direct mail marketing agency with in-house printing. From audience building, to design, to printing and mailing, we really mean "all-in-one" marketing agency.

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Education Marketing Case Study

$609,000 Generated in 3 Months for Nunez

“I’m ecstatic about our enrollment and recruiting numbers! Thanks to digital and direct mail marketing from Fox, we beat our Spring enrollment goals. They directed over 600 interested prospects to Nunez Community College. I really like how they can track when someone visits our campus.”

– Jason Browne, Director of Communications

The Best of Both Worlds

Fox Marketing is a printer and digital marketing solutions provider. We combine our 40+ years of printing and digital marketing expertise to craft and implement an affordable marketing plan for you.


Fox Marketing is one of the only advertising agencies offering in-house printing.


We identify your best prospects, build your audience and reach them with digital advertising, national TV ads, IP targeting and geofencing. 

The Perfect Pair

We’re a performance marketing agency. This means we craft campaigns with one goal: Results!