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You came to the right place if you’re looking to work with the only full service education marketing company who writes, designs and prints custom magazines, programs of study cards, digital banner ads and TV commercials.

Fox is uniquely positioned to provide full marketing, media and printing services in house. You’ll work with one team, one company for your entire project. From conception, to design, to video production, to printing and mailing.

The Big Slump: College Recruiting Numbers Chart

If you’re like other higher education institutions, you’re struggling with slumping enrollment numbers. It’s no secret that colleges continue to struggle to return to pre-pandemic enrollment levels. 

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Discover what's REALLY influencing students to not choose your school.

Be daring.

The secret of your recruiting success is not what, how or when you’re marketing, it’s to whom you’re promoting your brand and with the right message.


We understand your urgency to increase your student body. And we know how to do it within the constraints of your budget.

Fox Marketing has been helping schools promote their programs and enroll more students for over 40 years. We provide custom program cards to promote your college to area high school students, higher ed direct mail campaigns and impactful digital marketing solutions that reach your prospects where they live, work and shop.

Is there a better way to communicate? The status quo is failing.

With fewer students choosing college post high school, marketing your college just got even harder. (As if it wasn’t already.) We want to help so we’ve identified strategies to help you improve your school’s marketing efforts. When you work with us, we’ll show potential students the value of your education and overcome their skepticism about time and costs. 

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3x Your Response Rates

Say hello to your new best friend, personalized direct mail to recruit more students. Bring your recruiting mail campaign to life using our digital printing technology and decades of marketing experience .

We create interactive direct mail using your prospects' names, gender and any other demographic and financial info. See for yourself.

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Personalized Postcards for Epic Response Rates

Drive Students To You

“…we have received tremendous interest from the campuses and high schools on the use and practicality of the cards.” – Dr. William Wainwright, PH.D, Chancellor of Northshore Technical Community College

Tested and proven! Your program cards act as your personal recruiters.

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Your Community Ambassador

Bring your school to the community with a custom magazine. Your college magazine attracts students and keeps you in front of your prospects by profiling programs, announcing career fairs, highlighting student achievements and much more!

As your college recruiting agency, we do it all. We'll write your articles, design your magazine and print it in our 35,000-square-foot facility.

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Engage with Custom Magazines

Proven to Generate Students: The Best Higher Education Multichannel Marketing Campaign

You’ve not seen an enrollment marketing campaign like this! Using the characteristics of your student body, we’ll identify prospects who match these characteristics and then promote your school to your prospects with direct mail reinforced with IP TV commercials reinforced with banner ads reinforced with geofenced tracking reinforced with…you get the picture.  

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to see how well this worked for a 2-year college. 

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Imagine a Recruiting Campaign that Works

"I'm ecstatic about our enrollment and recruiting numbers! Thanks to digital and direct mail marketing from Fox, we beat our Spring enrollment goals. They directed over 600 interested prospects to Nunez Community College. I really like how they can track when someone visits our campus." Jason Browne, Director of Communications

This 3-month student recruitment campaign generated over $609,000 in tuition. Could you use an extra $600,000 in tuition?

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Tell us your goals and we'll fit your campaign to your audience.

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