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Everything you need to recruit the right employees.

You came to the right place if you’re looking to work with the only full service employee recruitment marketing company who writes, designs and prints custom magazines, newsletters, digital banner ads and TV commercials.


Fox is uniquely positioned to provide full marketing, media and printing services in house. You’ll work with one team, one company for your entire project. From conception, to design, to video production, to printing and mailing.

The Big Shift: Job Openings Outnumber Unemployed

If you’re like other human resource officers and hiring managers, you’re struggling to fill a surplus of job openings. With so many job listings, employers need innovative recruiting campaigns that reach your best candidates.

Be daring.

The secret of your employee recruiting success is not what, how or when you’re marketing, it’s to whom you’re promoting your company and with the right message.


We understand your urgency to fill openings. And we know how to do it within the constraints of your budget.


Fox Marketing has been helping companies for over 40 years. We provide custom newsletters to promote your workplace culture, recruiting direct mail campaigns and impactful digital marketing solutions that reach your best candidates where they live, work and shop.

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Proven to Recruit the Right Applicants: The Best Employee Multichannel Marketing Campaign

You’ve not seen a recruitment marketing campaign like this! Using the characteristics of your target applicants, we’ll locate prospects who match these characteristics and then promote your opportunity to your prospects with direct mail reinforced with IP TV commercials reinforced with banner ads reinforced with geofenced tracking reinforced with…you get the picture.  

Hover over the image to see how well this worked for a national manufacturer. 

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Imagine a Recruiting Campaign that Works

"Since launching our recruiting marketing campaign with Fox Marketing, we're hiring more candidates and experiencing fewer openings than we've seen in a long time. I'm very happy with their recruiting marketing solution." - M. Ingram, Parkway Products

"Fox Marketing makes my job easier with their recruiting marketing solution. They monitor our campaigns and adjust where needed. They provide detailed reports of what headlines, images, buttons, ad sizes are working for us. Best of all, we're filling more positions than ever before!" S. Grammer, Parkway Products.

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