Fitness Club Marketing Agency

With so many health clubs competing for members (over 32,000 in the U.S.), how can you outperform your competitors without outspending them? 
You need a fitness club marketing campaign that builds communities, not just awareness. An ad campaign that invites participation and embraces members. 

Fox Marketing produces fitness club advertising that embraces your prospects rather than interrupting them. Tell your story to your best prospects with a full service marketing and print advertising campaign.


We'll append data to your current member roster to profile what your average customer looks like. Income, family size, marital status, home value, networth, location, number of children, residency, etc.


Using the profile of your best prospect, we'll craft a marketing plan that engages your prospects across the best ad platforms. We build strategies, not just ad campaigns.

Launch and Learn

Our ad management team monitors and regularly improves your campaign for optimal engagement.


During your campaign and upon its completion, we'll measure and attribute the success of your marketing efforts.

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